Dear NJHM:

I am looking for information on King Nummy. Who was he and does a picture of him exist? Any help would be appreciated.



Dear Bear:

King Nummy is the namesake of "Nummytown" which is located in Cape May County in today's Middle Township (about 6 miles west of Wildwood). He was the last chief of the Unalachtigo Tribe of Native Americans, a branch of the Leni Lenapes. The chief sold a 16-mile stretch of land along Cape May on the Delaware Bay to Governor Van Twiller of New Amsterdam in 1630. Although the sale called for no settlements in the land, the Dutch quickly violated that provision, and brought settlers in. Nummy moved to "Nummy Island" at the mouth of Hereford Inlet near North Wildwood. The museum at Cape May Court House used to have many Native American artifacts and implements recovered at the Island on display (though I am not sure they still do). They should also be able to provide additional information on King Nummy, although I do not believe there exists a picture of him that is an actual representation. Hope this helps, and let me know if you need any additional information.



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